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  1. Johnny says:

    I have a wife and 2 kids 1 3year old boy and 1 1year old girl we live at a motel i wont to know if i could legally build a earthbag home for us in nc or sc i live in nc i been looking up stuff on the internet and it yes on one site and no on another me and my wife are on ssi i really need to move there mole in the room next to me im worried about our health plz let me know something thank you love Johnny and family

  2. Loreta Skinner says:

    Hi there! Was wondering what services you offer? We are trying to acquire an architect to help in our design for a cob house in Jacksonville, Florida. Any help would be appreciated! 🙂

  3. I am curious about building a home in South Carolina and I am wondering about building codes here. Are there residential cob or rammed earth homes in sc already? How do I go about getting more information? I want to know how the costs of building these types of homes compare to the costs of conventional building.
    Thank you!

    • admin says:

      hi anna marie, in general, if you have a licensed architect and/or structural engineer licensed in SC, then building department will permit most methods. i am not aware of permitted cob in SC, but i have received 2 rammed earth permits in SC and am working on the next 2. there is also permitted cordwood and strawbale in SC. i have some information on my website under FAQ which speaks to costs and the permit process. hope that helps!

  4. Nick Brown says:

    Hello, I’m in the process of buying land right now and intend on building an earthbag home. I spoke with an Anderson county Building and codes and he recommended that I get ask someone familiar with eathbags in SC. I am trying to understand specifically some of the rules and regulations/limitations. It is in Iva and is most of the town is not zoned. For the foundation of it I planned to dig 6 inches below freezing line and fill it up with round gravel 3/4 the way, then have 3 rows of soft gravel bags, and finish with red clay. Do you know if the moisture content of red clay matters when filling a bag? I have an idea for floor plans but have not drawn a blueprint and to be honest, Ive no idea how to draw an official blueprint. Thanks! -nick

    • admin says:

      hi nick, thanks for your interest. unfortunately, earth bag construction is one method i do not have a lot of experience on, and therefore I do not want to misguide you here. your best best will be to contact Calearth out in CA, they are a wealth of info on earthbag construction and also provide pre-drawn house plans. also, if you google the ‘seneca treehouse’ project in the upstate of SC, they are building an earth bag structure here, which is right around the corner from you, and they should be able to help. best of luck!

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