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Earthen Endeavors Natural Building

   Earthen Endeavors Natural Building, owned by Liz Johndrow,  is a company of skilled facilitators and instructors for a multitude of services. They are available for events, hands on teaching and being part of a curriculum in natural building and sustainable living programs. Earthen Endeavors are experts in Earthen Plasters, Earthen Floors, Timber Framing, and Natural Building as a Sustainable Way of Building.  Liz will be co-teaching a 12 week women’s natural building apprenticeship this summer; for more info, click here:





Build Like a Bird Natural Building

  Build Like A Bird is here to provide support and inspiration to natural building and green building enthusiasts like yourself!  Natural building can provide economic and healthy building solutions to people all over the globe.  If you want help with a project, want to host a workshop, or are just looking for someone to bounce some design ideas around with, you’ve come to the right place!





  Firespeaking is currently represented by Max Edleson and Eva Edleson. We are dedicated to combining the inspiration of beauty with the precision and engineering of function in order to create magic and a continual reminder of the sacredness of daily life in our homes and public spaces. Our work can mostly be categorized as “architectural” with a strong emphasis on using natural building techniques and community involvement.  We are experts in Masonry Heaters, Natural Finishes, Barrel Ovens, Hand Made Crafts & Tool, and much more!