About April

April K. Magill       

I grew up playing in the woods and building forts in rural south east Virginia.

Attended VA Tech and pursued an education in Architecture.  In my 4th year, I traveled abroad through the cities of Western Europe, where I was first introduced to the beautiful works of sculpture and architecture in Barcelona by famous architect Antoni Gaudi.

These sketches and photographs would stick with me through time and later influence my draw towards a more Organic Architecture.



My passions lie not only within the world of design and architecture, but also in the world of building….creating….and working with my hands.  I believe that in order to become a good Architect, I also must become a Builder as well.  A need and a want to explore materials and to build with my hands has not only allowed me to participate in many traditional construction projects, but also led me down my newest path, Natural Building.  I left Blacksburg, VA in 2004 with a BA in Architecture and headed to the coastal lowcountry lands of Charleston.  My desire to be in and around old, well-kept architecture as well as a beautiful natural world pushed me here, where I have lived and worked for the past 11 years in the architectural industry.  I worked for 3 of Downtown Charleston’s Architecture firms (visit my portfolio), became a Licensed Architect in 2010, and served as Project Manager/Lead Architect on multiple   projects before embarking on my own.  Always itching to get out from behind the desk and into the fields, with a strong foundation of experience under me, I created Root Down Designs , in 2011.

 I am:

  • Designing the Natural Environment into the Built World
  • Creating Community-Built Projects
  • Educating on Alternative Ways to Build 

I am involved with Architecture For Humanity Charleston and co-designed the future Gullah/Geechee Camp Meeting Center in Cross, SC; in Fall of 2011 I taught my first Natural Building Workshop here.

I’m a big fan of Samuel Mockbee, Citizen Architect, and his work.  He is an inspiration to me in my life work and career.

I live on James Island, Charleston, SC with my partner Matt McQueen of Handcrafted, LLC  our baby boy Eli, dog Boney (my office mate), and our chicken Blanche.  Our house serves as my creative building ‘playground.’